Renovation vs Relocation Which is the right choice

If your office’s interior space has reached its threshold, you get a decision to make. The option to renovate or move to a new location. Before you get into the puzzle of office renovation vs office relocation, it is important to factor out the benefits and challenges of both the possibilities present before you. At this stage, you must get expert advice from the best interior designers and workspace strategists to help you make the right decision, without affecting your business. Your choice will not only impact the present but also how your company works in the future as well.

When Office Relocation Is The Best Choice


Office relocation is a monumental task, and should only be undertaken when your current location doesn’t work for you. It can come down to a plethora of factors. Your office may not have enough space to welcome new employees and may hamper company growth, the space might be located in a subpar area and makes it hard to get customers, the space expenses are very high to manage, or it might be away from major transport routes, making it harder for the employees to travel. Each business will have different reasons to ponder upon before they consider office relocation.

The primary concern that exists in relocation is the amount of downtime that your work might witness. While the devices, files and other office equipment are shifted to the new location, your company might see a disruption. However, one advantage that you have in relocation is that you can fit out the space before the process of moving the equipment begins. Therefore, you may discuss with a design consultant and explore how you can modify the new area that it adapts to your growing requirements. 


While relocation causes distress, it is a blessing in disguise as well. The interior designers know your exact requirements, your shortcomings in the current office and your expectations from the new space. It brings forth an opportunity to enhance your existing features and remove any deficiencies that you face in your current office. With the team of the best interior designers in India, CIAO Green understands your business requirements and goals proficiently and helps you make the right decisions while relocating to a new office space.


Even though many people argue that office relocation is a costly affair, primarily due to business interruption, new paperwork and starting from scratch, every cloud has a silver lining. Conclusively, you should ditch your current office and move to a new space if your requirements are not being met. Your new office space might open up many new opportunities for your business.



When Office Renovations Is The Way To Go


Even though moving to a new space and starting from scratch seems like the right choice, it is not always the easiest or the ideal option. While going on the office renovation vs office relocation debate, a lot of factors come into the picture. Minor repair required, extended lease periods and huge moving costs are some valid reasons that businesses tend to stay and renovate. Also, the current space might be located in a prime neighbourhood that it might not be suitable for the company to pack up and leave.

Even though office renovation can be a costly affair, it all comes down to the amount of work required. If you just need a fresh splash of paint, rethinking of the space and furniture modernisation, then renovation is the ideal choice for you. Simple office renovation is a reasonably hassle-free process in the hands of a talented interior design firm. 


If your workforce is growing and there is a chance that your space might not be able to handle the increase in people, it might change with renovation. With innovatively designed work areas, desks and storage spaces, you can make the most out of your current location. Most businesses tend to mismanage their resources and are often struggling for space due to mismanagement of office equipment such as files, computers and other machinery. However, this may not work if your staffing numbers increase considerably due to hiring plenty of people together. 


Renovation can also be pivotal if you want to rebrand your business, as nowadays, branding your workspace is more than just a logo at the front door. The walls, the furniture, the art, the space, everything should reflect your brand and what it stands for. With effective commercial interior design, this is possible. Moreover, the experts at CIAO Green can help you renovate your office space with the minimum business disruption achievable. Therefore, your new office space will be ready without gravely impacting your workflow. 



Which Is The Best Option?


Every business has its unique situations, business goals and requirements. Before you decide to make a change that will impact your budget and change the landscape of your work for many years going forward, it is imperative that you talk to an interior design studio that has substantial experience in commercial interior design. More often than not, they will have the answers to your questions in a more detailed and professional way, as they might have come across the same issues for other clients as well. A professional interior design company will help you decide if your current space is working out for you or not. 


We at CIAO Green put ourselves into your shoes and unearth every pro and con there is for your business, in terms of office renovation vs relocation. It is your choice to renovate or move, but we help you make it professionally. Need an expert opinion? Book an online consultation today and talk to the best interior designers in India at CIAO Green.

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