Office interiors are now evolving owing to enormous changes in our working life over the last two years. Don’t be surprised: the pandemic will be here to stay. To adapt to new work trends, we would just have to modify our behavioral patterns along with our office interior designs. The key characteristics of the ideal commercial space includes cost-effectiveness, productivity, efficiency, and an aesthetic look. 

Designers are working hard to ensure that all facets of commercial interior design styles are perfectly integrated for an excellent end result. Thankfully, commercial interior design trends 2022 provide innovative solutions for workers returning to their workplaces after Covid-19 pandemic. 

In this particular blog post, we will go through some of the top interior design trends 2022, particularly for office spaces. Find out what’s trending in corporate design and how corporations are using furnishings and other intricate details to create a welcoming and productive environment.

  • Natural Elements 

In 2022, nature-inspired designs will remain prominent. Light-colored and antique wood finishes give an office a soft, pleasant ambience. Artificial plants are no more in style, there’s an increased focus on living greenery that brightens a space while also improving air quality. Plants complement other natural materials efficiently, such as wood, which has a soothing effect. 

According to research, commercial design trends 2022 will emphasize more natural choices, such as natural color palettes, more woodwork, natural elements, and natural lighting and ventilation.

  • Flexibility will continue to be paramount

Different people enjoy different work environments, and different tasks are best accomplished in different places. As a result, the best strategy is to allow as much flexibility as possible in your workplace. Sometimes employees are expected to work alone at their computers, while other times they are expected to work in teams or groups. Both these elements are required in a project at different stages. Furthermore, breakout areas that are appealing, welcoming, and comfortable could very well work with traditional workstations.

  • Color Tones that are Warmer

Design teams are utilizing richer, warmer neutral tones to create a more calm, pleasant, and welcoming ambiance after years of looking at grey walls, floors, and cabinets. Even if grey is utilized, it will not have the same frigid, sterile appearance as in the past. The office spaces are utilizing decorative, accessory, and furnishings in gold, mint green, faded blue, and desert tones.

Color combinations have a psychological impact on employees, and the appropriate colors are more important now than ever. Color is one of the most essential components of workplace decor since it has the ability to modify the ambience of a space as well as mood of the people who work there. 

  • Resimmercial Furnishings

For those unfamiliar with the term “resimercial,” it refers to a design philosophy that incorporates elements of both commercial and domestic settings to create a more comfortable working atmosphere. After the post-pandemic era, workplaces in 2022 are adapting to include more homely and comfy elements. 

  • Wooden Elements

Wooden elements are becoming increasingly popular. As organizations strive to attract the best talent, commercial interior design trends 2022 have shifted towards more authentic and organic elements. They make the space feel considerably warmer, cosier, comfortable, and welcoming, which is just what modern workplace designs aim for. Wooden items come in a range of shapes, designs, colors and sizes. For example, you can add a touch of hominess to the office space with some aesthetic wooden furniture pieces. 

Wrapping Up

Choose from the most popular commercial interior design styles discussed above, and rejoice in the feeling of having an aesthetic, efficient, appealing, and productive workspace.

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