Ciao Green
CIAO Green offers comprehensive solutions for construction and other analogous services in commercial and residential spaces. Our team of experts execute each project with a unique approach and an aim to deliver aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and functional spaces.
Pre-Construction Virtual Design
To help you visualise your dream space, CIAO Green builds your project virtually before the construction starts. With state-of-the-art tools, these plans, designs, and drawings ensure we have synchronised with your requirements, and you will receive the space you have envisioned.
Approvals from Relevant Government Authorities
CIAO Green ensures that the projects follow the applicable code of conduct set by the relevant government authorities, and appropriate paperwork is approved as required.
Capital Approval from Bank
CIAO Green’s business experts will ensure that all necessary paperwork is submitted to the bank for smooth and successful loan approval.
Construction Project Management
As the project moves towards the actual construction phase, CIAO Green personnel execute it effectively due to active involvement in all earlier stages.
Thorough Inspections and Final Delivery
We adhere to a strict timeline schedule during construction without compromising on the quality of construction to ensure sustainable end products.