Ciao Green
As a specialist office interiors company, CIAO Green offers fast-track refurbishment services without hampering your business. Whether it is a refresh of your existing space, creatively maximising space use or upgrading the space concerning your business goals, we offer tailored refurbishment services to suit your requirements and vision. Our team of experts has undertaken all kinds of refurbishment projects over the years, ranging from quick turnaround refurbishment to expansive refurbishment developments.
Workspace Management
We help business effectively sub-divide workspaces as per the requirements without resorting to structural changes. Creating innovative and efficient layouts, we create thoughtful designs for providing private meeting areas, workforce allocation, and open spaces all within a busy office environment. We also ensure that the essentials of each area of the workspace are provided without hampering the design or the aesthetics.
Incorporating Brand Image
Gone are the days when the logo at the reception was enough for a brand. Nowadays, every wall, every corner, and every ceiling of the office should resonate with your brand and its vision. Through extensive research and constant communication about your brand, we conceive a workspace that constitutes branding elements which echo your brand’s identity throughout the space.
Dilapidations and Extensive Re-Fitting
With our in-depth knowledge and expertise coming from years of experience, we understand that the office environment influences workforce morale, which impacts your profits. To ensure that your team works in an inspiring environment, which provides business durability, we offer comprehensive refurbishment services to completely overhaul your space with minimum effect on your day to day business.

We work in partnership with every client, and with effective communication and strict timelines, we meet their business goals with our creative flair. Whether you need decorations, flooring, painting, lighting or woodworks, we ensure impeccable quality delivered on time within your budget.