Why Do I need an Interior Designer Firm?

Interior designers are experts who have expert knowledge about creating innovative designs according to the site, space and the customer’s specifications. Professional Interior Design Firms employ their expertise, insights and experience in developing ideas, solving issues, submitting solutions and creating new-age, future-ready home, office and commercial space designs.

Why should I choose CIAO Green?

We are one of the best commercial interior design studios backed by top interior designers with decades of experience. We believe in providing finest, sustainable and cost- effective design solutions. Our vast experience and expertise in creating commercial, retail and hospitality designs have made us one of the best commercial interior designers in Mumbai.

How do you execute a project?

At CIAO Green, the first consultation will help us evaluate and understand your project, and establish the initial budget and the project timeline. Once an agreement is reached on all the components, our team of interior designers in Udaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore (as per your requirement) will visualize your ideas into 3D designs. Moving on, the final design

created after feedback is received, and resource planning is initiated, moving the project to the execution phase. The execution begins and the project is implemented, followed by audits and inspections, with final handover to the customer.

How much will it cost to hire the best interior designing company in Mumbai?

Each designer and company work and charge differently. The project cost is directly proportional to factors such as design, furnishings, product materials, furniture, manpower and time, among other things. At CIAO Green, we ensure that every rupee you spend with us will be worth it. With our customer-centric approach, we create cost-effective future-ready design solutions equipped with latest IoT technology.

What experience do you and your team have?

CIAO Green was built by IIT Bombay Alumni with a quest to build ‘green spaces.’ Our team includes the best commercial interior designers with expertise in creating designs in sectors such as hospitality, commercial and retail. Our team ensures the delivery of new- age, green-technology design solutions – making it future-ready.

What kind of services do you offer?

CIAO Green offers a plethora of services, including interior design services, space planning and layout, occupancy solutions and consultancy for creating aesthetically pleasing and sustainable interior designs.

Which cities do you operate in?

Currently, CIAO Green offers its services in Mumbai, Bangalore and Udaipur. Our team of design engineers, technical experts and project managers have allowed us to become one of the famous interior designers in Mumbai, Bangalore and Udaipur.

I am renovating my old office and not creating a new space. Can you help me?

At CIAO Green, we have the skills and professional expertise to design and draft innovative space plans, whether reconfiguring an existing interior space or developing entirely new spaces. However, if the project involves changing wall structures or adding square footage, CIAO Green offers architectural expertise as well, ensuring safety and adhering to all government norms.

Do I have to purchase material and furniture from you?

No, it is completely your decision if you wish to make any purchases on your own. Most of our customers do purchase from us, as we ensure that our customers receive the best discounts and offers through our trade contracts and procurement experience.

How do I know if I need an interior designer or an interior decorator?

Many customers do not understand their requirement, and if they require an interior designer or an interior decorator. Interior decorators typically emphasize on the decorative elements of the space, such as paint, décor and furniture. Interior designers on the other hand, have knowledge of interior architecture principals, building codes and drafting skills, among other things.

What is CIAO Green’s design style?

CIAO Green does not subscribe to any one particular design, as we believe each customer’s requirement is different. Our team of top interior designers in Mumbai, Udaipur and Bangalore have worked on a variety of project styles, from traditional homes to modern offices, each created with a touch of innovation and modification. Therefore, we are always thriving to create new and custom designs for our customers.

How much time will I have to invest personally in an interior design project?

When you hire CIAO Green, we ensure that there is no need to personally supervise anything. However, we ensure that all products and finishes are clearly run by you for approval. Therefore, we guarantee that your time will be optimized through systematic planning and approvals.