Interior Color Trends- Mellow it Yellow!

“The interior of the house personifies the private world; the exterior of it is part of the outside world”.


White is definitely a color to fall for but it’s a big no-no when it comes to home interiors and decor solely. Looking around your rooms and wondering how could you add a blast of freshness to it? Somewhat yellow can without a doubt make the enchantment! Be it a radiant day or blustery day, your home will feel crisp, dynamic and immaculately welcoming. But why YELLOW? Yellow is the shade of daylight, bliss, expectation, and happiness. It additionally symbolizes warmth, sprightliness, and is known to build mental and muscle exercises. Moreover, the color yellow is also visible from a long distance and is eye-catchy.



This living area is the best example of how to add a dash of yellow without over-doing it. This modern style room is warmed up with contemporary shades of grey and a selective theme of bright yellow which will enlighten the interiors. The dark round table, the white light and the blend of hues in the book rack make it crisp and engaging. It also beautifies the design and makes it look expensive.


We Love Add-ons!:

A small add-on can simply enhance your room and make your interiors amplifying. Just a simple yellow chair can add a punch of splendor to the entire room. Likewise, soft toys, cushions, clock or just a wall-frame to create that perfect mood. Keep everything neutral and let the “add-ons” make the noise.


“Start your living room plan with the best seat in the room and work from there” – Do Allen


Take it to the walls:

The best way to incorporate yellow in your interior is to paint it yellow. A pro tip would be avoiding numerous hues at once. How about just black and white? The color black and white enhance yellow and makes it indulgent. Try to keep the home elements neutral and paint a wall or two with yellow. You can also your hands on different shades or textures in yellow.


Look Up! There’s a ceiling:

A majority of us have adhered to the sheltered decision of a white roof. All things considered, it runs with nearly everything in the room — and somebody once said a white roof makes a room feel greater and more splendid. While this is true, painting your roof a shading other than white isn’t really an awful decision. Indeed, its emotional impact has many design benefits. In case you’re enticed to venture out of your comfort zone, we’ll definitely suggest you add play around with yellow.


Color it all- Bedroom!

A bedroom is a place where you can play with the color. You can add different shades of yellow and pair them up with little white or black. From bedcover to the ceiling and from cupboard to the flower pot, you can place with all in yellow. Imagine the vibe in there!


Let’s make it yellow this season!

About Author : Ciao Green Pvt Ltd