Does Your Office Interior Impacts Your Office Culture?

“Your office design communicates your office culture and your office culture reflects your brand”. Well, that’s right! Design is a visual language that connects everyone easily and leaves an impact on every mind. Hence, our office culture is majorly influenced by the look and feel of the office interior. Office culture is as important as any business strategy. And who doesn’t want a “happening” office which they find a hard time leaving as they enjoy the challenges, the atmosphere, and the co-workers? Of course, we all do as we spend 40-50% of our day in the office.



We all admire a good quality interior design. No matter whichever industry you are in, a modern and well-designed workplace can definitely improve employee productivity and create a positive atmosphere.


Office designs are changing rapidly from having only cubicles and closed cabins, office interior now has ping pong tables and foosball. A quality workspace design helps in creating a stress-free environment.


Let us see how it can enhance your office culture.



Does Office Layout Matters?

A well-designed office portrays that the company not only focuses on its mission and vision but is also concerned for the employees. This, in turn, makes the employee feel more connected with the organization. Hence a good design will motivate your employees to do their best and so one must focus on aspects such as Office layout.


It can have a more significant impact on your work culture than you think, from employee relationships to overall company culture, which can either make or break the productivity. A poorly laid office design can affect a person’s mood.



Open workspace layout


Open workspace layout is generally preferred these days, about 70% of US offices have some type of “open office” design. They depict open office culture and a flat hierarchy. It makes every employee feel valued and involved in the organization. These kinds of layout help in building better employee relationships and supports collaborative ideas. It also keeps the employee motivated. People are 12% more likely to report being happy with their job when they have freedom and autonomy in their work environment



Cubicles and Closed Cabins


When we think of an office, a combination of cubicles and closed cabins is what comes to our mind. Indeed! That’s how a typical office space layout is and it is still in the highest demand. Such offices depict a vertical hierarchy structure. These offices usually support a focused work environment and usually, the employees are ought to do only the work assigned.

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