PART 2: Acoustic Consideration In Commercial Interior Designing

Acoustic Foam Board:


Acoustic foam board is one of the most used materials while providing acoustic solutions. These boards are cheap and easy to install. The foam board usually is covered in a fabric that is attractive with beautiful designs and patterns. The acoustic foam board works best when installed in a medium or small office space. The foam panels are available in mostly three forms: convoluted foam panels, aluminum-facing panels, and fabric-covered foam panels. These panels can be customized as per design enhancing the overall beauty of the office interior.

Acoustic Partition:


Partitions are the barrier between the workstation in the front and on the sides of the employee for extra privacy. Adding acoustic material to these partitions will increase employee’s concentration. Acoustic partitions are usually 100% polyester and serve different purposes based on their weight. Lightweight ones can be used to divide a room and create a separate space as they are easy to move around. The heavyweights are usually used as a wall partition. Acoustic partitions are available in different sizes and colors, which is perfect for restaurants, homes, offices, etc.

Underlying Sound Absorbers:


Underlying sound absorbers could be foam, vinyl, or rubber. These are dense materials that are fitted between subflooring (which is usually concrete or plywood) and flooring. They not only provide sound absorption but also provide soundproofing. Underlying sound absorbers are available in various forms like foam, plywood and felt. They make the sound much softer and works well in reducing footsteps.

Hanging Baffles:


Hanging baffles are not one of the most pleasing solutions for sound absorption but are worth trying as it still manages to decrease the echo sound in the room. They are very appealing and adds an aesthetic sense to your office space. Hanging baffles are easy to install as all you need to do is- hanging them through chains and hooks. It opts as a perfect option when you don’t have enough wall space in the office.

Selecting sound absorbers depends completely on your requirements and the size of your office space. Understanding your requirements and studying the materials properly will surely help you to get the best solution for sound problems. So which one do you think fits best for you?

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